Student Club

The Mariana Global Relief Foundation believes that having a well-informed and educated nation coupled with adequate learning sources creates a platform suitable a better future for students. We are driven with passion to receive the books you do not need/use, and pass them to African Students wherever their locations. This is made possible by the generous support of people like you.

Would you donate your books to help educate Africa Today?

Good-quality and relevant education is also a key to stimulating innovations in the life of African child, educating a child would facilitate progress toward reducing poverty, achieving food security, and improving health. Mariana Global Relief Foundation plays a key role in identifying students with more potential academically and yet at a disadvantage because of deficient economic environment.

We want to help in securing a sure tomorrow for Africans in their distinctive communities by implementing new technologies and using innovative methods to establish more efficient enterprises and institutions and thus allocate resources more effectively in Africa. The decline in sponsoring a student have an adverse impact on the quality and relevance of their future and socio-economically. The Mariana Global Relief Foundation will help in channeling the funds n the right direction because inefficient application of funds often dilutes the impact of funds provided.

Only a comprehensive approach that combines different tools can provide immediate as well as mid- and long-term solutions to ensure financial sustainability and thus preserve the quality of African student education systems.