Restoring Lost identity

Identity is such an important aspect of Aboriginal culture, it’s no wonder that certain historical events have been so devastating, and has distorted their early trusted path of wellness and culture. From the turn of the century until the mid-1970’s, tens of thousands of Aboriginal children were moved far from their families to residential schools. The aim of the schools was to educate and assimilate the children, but the results were disastrous. Another unfortunate legacy of the residential schools is that their students later became parents without having role models for traditional child-rearing.

Mariana Home with adherence to trusted teachings form aboriginal elders will instill culture based foundation on our aboriginal children under our care. Residential schools saga caused additional feelings of alienation, shame and anger that were passed down to their children and grandchildren. Deep, traumatic wounds exist in the lives of many Aboriginal people who were taught to be ashamed just because they were Aboriginal. Because the impacts of residential schools are inter-generational, many Aboriginal people were born into families and communities that had been struggling with the effects of trauma for many years. Usually they were placed with non-Aboriginal families and lost all ties with their natural families.

Mariana Home house parents together with Elders and the community will embrace the aboriginal children with much love and support, and have them groomed into crime free individuals, free from substance abuse. Mariana Home have set up ”parent- Aboriginal child care practitioners(house parents)” circles where parents and staff can gather to share experiences and learn from each other. Our programs that serve the Aboriginal families focus on the parents’ strengths rather than their weaknesses. Elders play an important role in passing along beliefs and values. Some Elders often times brings their sewing or beading.

The children will learn most of the cultural practices also be comforted they embrace rich tutelage from Aboriginal Elders. Some Elders comes to our center to cook traditional meals and fill the center with a unique aroma of a traditional dish that leaves a long lasting impression on our children and staff. Children will at certain times attend community feasts, and have a composure to have and feel the etiquette of the Aboriginal drum. Elders teach Children Language and culture. Children are hungry for it. They have to know who they are.