The Company

The Mariana Home was established in 2013 by John Otsile John and His wife Rachel for the purpose of providing a caring and stable long term home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of a safe and nurturing environment and to keep siblings together. Mariana Home is a charitable non-profit organization and will be governed by a President and Vice President, and A Board of Advisers. We provide residential child care without charge to children who have a need for placement without regard to race or creed. In making admission decisions we will only serve those children for whom meet our criteria and admission guidelines. We are supported entirely by voluntary donations/gifts.

These are children who are individuals and come from all walks of life. The Children we serve initially will be boys and girls between the ages of 1½ to 12 yrs. old. This will be the admittance age but then once in the home they will be able to stay till they are 18 years old. This is their home and when they leave for college or career direction, they can always come back to visit or if they need help in their lives.

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