Mission Statement “A Place to Call Home” Our Mission is to provide a stable, long-term, traditional home for boys and girls in crisis and who are in need of a safe and nurturing environment. We seek to surround those children with adults, who will love, care for, and support them, so they may overcome their challenges and problems and grow into their Creators-given potential, while having a place to call their own home. We are committed to privately-funded, non-governmental child care which keeps siblings together. Mariana Home is an early intervention program whose purpose is to help our nation’s highest‐risk children develop the relationships, goals and skills necessary to break the cycles of poverty, abuse and violence, and become contributing members of society.

The purpose of the Mariana Home is to meet the developmental, physical, emotional, social, educational, intellectual and spiritual needs of at risk youth. The Mariana Home will provide a therapeutic and social environment in which at risk youth and their families will address issues that negatively impact their relationships and if left untreated will prevent future reunification as well as hinder the youth’s potential for independence and success. Our vision is that at risk youth will be empowered and respectful of themselves and others. Our mission is to create and maintain a safe, nurturing group home that meets the specialized needs of at risk youth and their families with a continuum of services in a nurturing, culturally appropriate environment, through a well-managed partnership of organizations and key stakeholders.

Mariana Home is committed to culturally aware and sensitive partnerships with Service Partners. To the very extent possible, we make the effort to have our staff and programming reflect and respect the diversity and culture of our Service Partners with regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, and cultural learning. We refer to the youth and families who choose to work with us as “House Parents.” We recognize and believe that partnering with youth and families, while focusing on and utilizing our combined strengths, is more likely to lead toward a successful realization of our Service Partners goals.