Mariana Home

Mariana Home is a unique program tailored to pre-school age children and today’s youth. We are the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty and thus the inter-generational reiteration of low educational performance, teen parenting, and criminality. Children who have experienced trauma or who live in extreme poverty experience a lack of equity and opportunity, and most of the services available lack the intensity and duration needed to change their life trajectories. Our relationship‐based service model addresses the needs of these most vulnerable children, empowering them to move beyond their circumstances to become healthy, contributing citizens.

Insufficient support and nurturing has had severe consequences for many residential school survivors. Students who had not learned how to relate to others in a familial setting grew into adults who often do not know how to act as parents. The lack of seasoned parenting skills has frequently been cited as a major problem affecting native families and communities to the present day. This has resulted in spousal and child abuse, desertion, alcoholism, and substance abuse, all of which have been a plague for native communities. This extreme social disintegration, trauma and underdevelopment, has become the norm for Aboriginal people living under conditions of severe and prolonged oppression.

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