Mariana Home Operations


 Mariana Home will provide a well maintained family style home and environment. It will be organized and will also teach and uphold the values of culture and tradition and instil the appropriate roles in the family. House parents will provide love, support and structure. They attend public schools unless other schooling is warranted. They will develop a strong work ethic from daily chores, volunteer work, and participate in extra- curricular activities and organizations in the community. They will take trips; attend concerts, plays and athletic events. They will go to museums and cultural festivals. The children may have contact with their biological family; unless family/child contacts have been terminated by the court order or deemed unhealthy for the child. If healthy the child has the right of access to his/her family, as scheduled by the house parents.

1½ to 12 yrs will be the admittance age but then once in the home they will be able to stay till they are 18 years old or leave for college or career direction. They will be able to return to home if they want to visit or if they need help in moving forward in their lives. Our admission policy would still be the same for them to return to the home and it would also depend on whether space is available at the time. We will be setting aside a bedroom in the future for those that may need to return home. The children in our care will be protected from all forms of abuse, maltreatment and exploitation.
Children will attend public school unless specific needs warrant other schooling.
Establish and utilize professional skills in striving to learn and to develop whatever talents they may possess.
We will give special regard to the uniqueness of each child’s race, culture, and religion while attempting to instill a sense of self-worth, individuality, and the orientation, spirituality, and cultural learning. We refer to the youth and families who choose to work with us as “House Parents.” We recognize and believe that partnering with youth and families, while focusing on and utilizing our combined strengths, is more likely to lead toward a successful realization of our Service Partners goals.