Mariana Global Relief Foundation is an international non-profit organization whose objective is solemnly on the assistance and advancement of people in need in less developed areas of this world. We are committed to the concept of empowering disadvantaged communities of this world by supporting them financially with suitable mechanism to help themselves, rather than simply providing funds. We seek to leverage small entrepreneur’s endeavors by transforming them into profit generating businesses. Mariana Community has a lot of respect for culture, needs and wishes of the communities we work with. Our intuitive momentum is to reach out to the First Nations around the world and address their diverse needs. We provide a customized home group home care for the First Nation children throughout the Globe to create solace. Water is essential to life and we are indebted to help humanity have clean drinking water even to the furthest secluded part of this world.

Our core values are:

1.Equality  – We strongly convicted beyond doubt that people are equal in rights and must be treated with respect and dignity.

2.Innovation  Our team is conscious that finding tangible effective solutions for the Communities we work with, requires innovative thinking combined with a pragmatic approach.

 3.Learning – Our tenacious team strives for the highest working standards and promotes a culture of constant learning and improvement.

 4.Accountability   Accountability and transparency are the integral aspect to all our dealings and facilitation’s.

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