Mariana Global Relief Foundation operates a Drop-in job center in Toronto called Mariana Career Center. We seek to address the broader enabling environment such as policies, programs, financial and civil society resources that will help improve the employment outlook for young people and enable more effective assistance to youth who are struggling. We address key actors, especially policymakers and educators, who can take a broad view of the youth employability challenge and exercise leadership in bringing successful approaches to scale. Entrepreneurship training can also support the personal development of young people, by teaching leadership and practical skills that promote personal success and social inclusion, whether they go on to start their own businesses.

We collaborate with the business chatter in the GTA and the surrounding areas in our efforts to provide recruitment solutions for our employer clients, to find jobs for our candidates, and to build employability environment and address skills shortages through out trusted workforce development initiatives. We believe that new and more aggressive strategies supported by states but implemented through multi-stakeholder partnerships are required to empower more young people to succeed in the new economy. Entrepreneurship and small business development have been identified as an important employment option for populations that have barriers to employment.

About MCC

Our Mission is to provide a stable, long-term, term relationship between the employing business and the community. Our relationship‐based service model addresses the needs of these most vulnerable young people, empowering them to move beyond their circumstances to become healthy, contributing citizens. We are the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty and thus the intergenerational repetition of unemployment attainment. Mariana Career Center transforms the quality employment by Integrating entrepreneurship strategies into overall community and development activities for at-risk and out-of-school youth; and developing strategies to help small business owners to grow their businesses, such as developing training programs that help small business owners develop growth strategies to enable new job creation. We engage with local, regional, and the business partners to develop an entrepreneurial environment and developing strategies to leverage workforce system resources to identify and support potential entrepreneurs.