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Ben Calf Robe powwow celebrates 3 decades of healing

“Culture is like a mirror it gives you a reflection of who you really are”

The powwow is named after Chief Ben Calf Robe, a Blackfoot elder and residential school survivor. Robe was an advocate for the indigenous community. He was an indigenous human rights activist who spent his lifetime cultivating the pillars of indigenous rights and their democratic rights to education. On 17-05-13, Powwow overshadowed Edmonton with vibrant emblem of colors and jubilation as the celebration was kicking-off. The aroma of healing and peace still lingers in the hearts of people that attended.

It is said that back in 1982 Ben Calf Robe powwow was formed with a vision to return the Edmonton most indigenous people to their roots. This is as much a resilient environment that is constantly bestows culture fundamentals and key elements from being extinct among the today Aboriginal nations. On Saturday the Ben Calf Robe powwow celebrated its 36th anniversary with thousands of Edmonton indigenous people in attendance. Mariana community respects the culture and values of the First Nations throughout the whole world. We strongly believe a nation without culture will be a total disaster for its descendants. Culture like a mirror its gives you a reflection of who you really are. Culture defines our distinctive individuality and clues people together into communities.

The Ben Calf Robe powwow no doubt knits the Edmonton inner city indigenous population together and strengthens their identity. This is the day to rediscover oneself and retain the depth of the rich culture, embedding it into people’s hearts. The Aboriginal people just like rest of the world`s population of the First Nations have suffered a lot under evolution and social and political factors.

To read more, visit http://globalnews.ca/news/3449740/edmontons-ben-calf-robe-powwow-celebrates-3-decades-of-healing/